SWDB December 10, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window

I am thinking: Of everything I have to get done today before we leave in the morning for Mexico.

I am thankful: for good jobs that allows us to take our trips.

One of my favorite things: sun, water, and sand.

I am creating: nothing at the moment.

I am wearing: probably the same as last week at this time, my robe.  I will be getting dressed for work when I get this post done.  Then it will be blue jeans, boots, and a sweater.

I am reading: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

I am listening to: Quiet.  Hubby is still asleep.

I am hoping: This day goes smooth and fast.

I am learning: to wait

Looking forward to: reconciliation

Shared quote: Waiting for this to kick in with my oldest…

A moment in my day: This is what we do about three nights a week…

Closing note:


Sunday Salon – calm and cozy day

Time: 7:30

Scene: I’m sitting on my couch/recliner with my feet up, coffee at my side; watching the birds fly around the feeders.  It’ a pretty cold morning as the frost is very thick on the deck.

Today’s Plan: Laundry, pay bills, pack for trip, watch the Chiefs beat the Ravens, and relax a bit before I have to go to work for one day!

Drinking: my first cup of coffee with chocolate marshmallow creamer.

Listening to: Christmas music

Reading: The Woman in Cabin 10

Pondering: our day with my mother, sister, and all my kids!  It was pretty stressful.  Hubby and oldest still avoid each other.  I talked with her a bit about letting all their “stuff” go.  But, she’s just a bull-headed as her father.  He did block her way out the door and talked with her a bit.  I hope she will listen to what I said and we can all move on with life.  It’s been about two years now they have gone on this way.

Plans this week: Lay on the beach, get a massage, and lay by the pool!

SWDB December 3, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window: It’s another cloudy and cold morning.  I guess I had better get used to it.

I am thinking: That I am very much going to enjoy my vacation.

I am thankful: for the wood furnace.

One of my favorite things: Hot cup of tea while watching the Chief’s game!

I am creating: my gift list

I am wearing: my bathrobe at the moment.  Almost time to get ready for work.

I am reading: A Redbird Christmas

I am listening to: nothing but quiet this morning.

I am hoping: This week goes quickly

I am learning: to relax and enjoy life no matter our circumstances.

Looking forward to: Christmas with my family on Saturday!

Shared quote:

A moment in my day: Our Saturday out in our UTV.

Closing note: It’s so hard to believe that 2018 is almost over.  I’ve been thinking on my goals for 2019.  I don’t think I will make a list of things that must be done.  I think I will make goals each month and try to complete those projects or reading lists as the year goes on.  That way I don’t feel like such a failure.  My reading goal is still going to be 60 books even though I feel a little short of that this year.

Sunday Salon – Blustery day

Time: 10:15

Scene: Such a stark difference from yesterday.  Today is cloudy, cold, and very windy.

Today’s Plan: We have to clean up our UTV after our outing yesterday, laundry, and a little shopping trip.

Drinking: Water.

Listening to: Fox News

Reading: A Redbird Christmas

Pondering: next weekend; our Christmas with my family.

Plans this week: packing for our trip, working out, visit grandma, work, and try to get caught up on my book reviews.

Taking Stock: April 2018

These prompts seem to be a good way to work back into blogging. 🙂

Making: Travel plans
Cooking: not much cooking these days. We eat lots of chicken and veggies.
Drinking: More water
Trawling: blogs. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.
Wanting: warm weather to come back.
Looking: to retirement… some days this job just drains the life out of me.
Deciding: What my 2019 reading plan will look like.
Wishing: a happy holiday season to everyone!
Enjoying: these long evenings.
Waiting: for my hubby to grow out of his second childhood.
Liking: a couple warm days this month.
Wondering: if the winter is going to be a very long one.
Loving: my hubby through his second childhood.
Considering: gifts for loved ones.
Buying: vacation supplies
Watching: the KC Chiefs! They are having an awesome season.
Hoping: They make it to the Superbowl this year!
Marveling: at my lack of blogging so soon.
Cringing: at the boarder news.
Noticing: the days, weeks, months, years are going by do quickly.
Knowing: that each day I am wishing them away by wanting each day to be over.
Thinking: I’m ready for vacation!
Admiring: the stillness of the morning.
Getting: my second cup of coffee for the day.
Opening: a new book, A Redbird Christmas
Closing: a completed book, The Ring of Endless Light
Feeling: more content
Dreaming: of reconciled relationships
Hearing: the furnace running
Celebrating: being back in the blogosphere!
Pretending: my daughter is still very much in my life.
Embracing: my age!

SWDB # November 26, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window: It’s a cold wet morning. Because of the clouds I guess it is still pretty dark out.

I am thinking: about a few more gifts I have to get before December 8th. That’s Christmas with my family.

I am thankful: I got to see my kids yesterday!

One of my favorite things: Hearing them laugh.

I am creating: monthly goals for next year.

I am wearing: Because it’s cold… jeans, long sleeve shirt with sweater, and boots.

I am reading: A Ring of Endless Light by Madeline L’engle

I am listening to: Fox news

I am hoping: I can work with this hairdresser. I thought she understood me…no black or red in my hair. I have way too much black. Hate to have to find a new one so soon.

I am learning: my communication skills need to improve. Even if it makes me appear harsh.

Looking forward to: our trip to Mexico.

Shared quote:

A moment in my day:

Closing note: My time with my family will be with me a long time! It was so good to have them all together for a few hours! Why does life have to be so busy? Everyone working different shifts… I guess it is still part of me adjusting to empty nest.

Sunday Salon – Chiefs Day!

Time: 6:25

Scene: Cool, cloudy and drizzly.  So opposite of yesterday which was sunny and 63*.  But I am nice and cozy on my couch with my coffee.

Today’s Plan: Thanksgiving dinner with my dad, stepmom, grandma, and kiddos this evening.  Other than that I never really know anymore. The daily plan changes a lot around here. Hubby can’t sit and relax. I know I will be doing a couple loads of laundry.

Drinking: coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.

Listening to: Christmas music

Reading: A Ring of Endless Light

Pondering: too quiet holiday season.

Plans this week: nail appointment tomorrow, appointment to fix my hair on Tuesday, working out, visiting grandma, and some shopping.

SWDB #??? November 19, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window:  The sun (or daylight anyway) is beginning to peak over the eastern horizon. The trees all stand straight and still.  Nothing is moving out there this early cold “fall” morning.  It’s a wet morning.

I am thinking: I am tired of the news being on.  We go in spirts; total news on the television for weeks then we shut it off and have nothing for a time.

I am thankful: for our bi-weekly housekeeper.  It allows me to workout regularly.

One of my favorite things: a great workout that I feel results for days.

I am creating: our travel plans!

I am wearing: blue jeans and sweatshirt.

I am reading: MacFarland’s Lass by Glynnis Campbell

I am listening to: Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks

I am hoping: to have a mild winter… but it’s not starting off to be a very mild one.

I am learning: New machines at our local gym.

Looking forward to: my hair appointment on Wednesday!

Shared quote: The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

A moment in my day:


Closing note: I’ll be on the couch tonight watching our winning all time favorite KC Chiefs!  Hubby has a school board meeting.  It will be a nice quiet night Barbara! 🙂  I’m not ready for winter!   We booked our Mexico trip this past Saturday.  We will soon be on white sandy beaches instead of this frozen white Midwest!

Sunday Salon

Time:  10:00

Scene:  I put up the bird feeders this past week.  The birds finally found them.  I enjoy having my coffee and watching them.

Today’s Plan:  Got a few loads of laundry to do then we will go to the gym this afternoon.  Try to get some relaxing time before our week starts.  Hubby might go out hunting this evening.

Drinking: WATER.  I’m trying to drink more.

Listening to: The washing machine is running and Fox News is on.

 Reading: Seduction of a Highland Lass and MacFarland’s Lass.  Kind of a Scottish theme going right? LOL!

Pondering: Our Mexico trip.  We will be traveling December 11 – 14.  With our recent weather I am so looking forward to warmer climates.

Plans this week: I know that everyone is making plans for Thanksgiving.  But life here has changed.  Our kiddos and I have to work on Thanksgiving so we will get together and go out for dinner next Sunday evening.  As for this week I have a meeting with a VA representative about Grandma.  Hubby has a school board meeting Monday so I will stay home and watch our favorite winning KC Chiefs!  Other than that I will be working out each night.  Nothing special this week.


Over the years I always posted daily a list of things I am thankful for throughout the month of November. It’s not that I’m not thankful anymore but I am most thankful right now for each day and the people in those days.

Making my way back into blog land is not going to be stressful and take away the spontaneity of every day life.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Finding my way back

Its been seven long months since I have blogged. I have missed it a great deal but have had some good quality months with my husband. Life moves on after empty nest believe it or not.

For those who have been around here for a while let me update you on a few things.

Our oldest daughter is still estranged from us, our middle daughter is living with her boyfriend, working, and will start back to college in January. Our son was discharged from the army for failing his classes and they had no other mos to put him in. He is living with his sister and working two jobs. Grandma was moved out of the Alzheimer’s unit into the regular assisted living facility. She has been there two months and is very happy.

Hubby and I had a great summer boating. We have continued our workout routine and have been overall healthy. We have a pool table in our downstairs family area that we play regularly through the week to pass the evening.

My faith is still in tact but we don’t attend organized religious activities at this time. That’s an entire story of its own.

I know I want to continue blogging and finding myself but I’m not sure what that looks like at this time. It will probably be random as I have time and something to say! 😁

I have missed you all!!!

Workout Wednesday

Here is a another accountability post!  Like how I start this with saying that I need you all in order to stay the course!? LOL!  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are gym rest days.  This means that I don’t go and do cardio and weight lifting.  But I am starting this new six day routine so on my rest days I am still doing something.This will be a diary of sorts.  When I post on Workout Wednesday I will log my exercises and any other “activity” that may have done in the last week.  With the weather I will want to do some bicycling soon.

April 29 Sunday – NO gym.  We worked out in the yard.  My Samsung Gear told me I had 12,994 steps yesterday.  That is almost a record for me.

April 30 Monday – No gym.  I started week one of the workout plan above: 10 Sit ups, 20 lunges, and 10 burpees

May 1 Tuesday – GYM – HIIT on the treadmill (20 secon sprint, 10 second rest X 8) 20 jumping jacks, 10 push ups, 20 squats, 15 crunches, 6 leg raises, and 10 second plank, and one set of everything on the list below… (I’m going to be really sore).

I won’t predict what I will do tonight.  Next Wednesday will include today’s workout.  No pain to gain right?!

SWDB #16 – April 30, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: It’s getting light earlier all the time but when I write this post it is still dark outside. 

I am thinking: that I am glad I posted about my routine because I’m more “accountable” to you all now. If I don’t get up and get going I feel like I’m not doing just what I told ya’ all that I do.  Does that make any sense? 🙂

I am thankful: for sunshine!

One of my favorite things: bwhahahah, SUNSHINE!

I am creating: (created) this weekend we worked in the flower beds!

I am wearing: Still in my bathrobe.

I am reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

I am listening to: On The Road by Jack Kerouac (UGH this one is hard…)

I am hoping: for some results of my recent hard workouts.  I’ve really stepped it up and stopped sneaking in an unhealthy snack.

I am learning: more about dementia than I thought I would ever need to know.  Grandma is having quite a few “lost” days lately.  She can’t remember most things that she is told.  Conversation on anything current just doesn’t stick.

Shared quote: 

Hahaha! This was funny and I had to share it!

A moment from my day: 

Closing note: I can’t tell you what this sunshine and warm days have done for my mood! Now if these Oak trees would just get on board and start leafing out!  They are always the last but come one!!! it’s May!

Sunday Salon – SPRING has sprung!

Time: 7:25

Scene: The sun is shining for the third day in a row!  The field is an amazing color of green and the sky is a brilliant blue!

Today’s Plan: work out in the yard, maybe plant some annuals.  Go to the gym.  Maybe a couple of loads of laundry.  We need to get the boat out and get it ready for boating season! FINALLY!

Drinking: Coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer

 Listening to: the birds!

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Pondering: Another month in 2018 is gone!  Am I the only one who thinks this year is going along way too fast?  May is upon us.  If you are gardening in Mid-Missouri you will be putting your tomatoes out in a couple of weeks.  I’ve decided not to do any gardening this year.  Still too unsettled.

Plans this week:  I always see Grandma Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that you will always see listed here unless there is a shake up that week.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I will get to the gym.  I will be back to working Fridays this week.  Friday night Hubby and I will be going to the Chamber of Commerce dinner party.  Saturday we are headed to Lake of the Ozarks for a Cinco de Mayo boating poker run!  Those are so fun!  I hope the weather is nice!

Taking Stock: April 2018

I’ve decided to do this “taking stock” post that I found here… at the end of each month.   Please don’t think I have jumped off the deep end.  Some of my answers are pretty raw and sound hopeless but I know who has me in His hands! 🙂

Making: Summer plans.
Cooking: with the new air fryer.
Drinking: more water with the encouragement of my husband.
Trawling: Ticketmaster for spring and fall concerts to attend.
Wanting: the temperature to change.
Looking: forward to boating in the sun!
Deciding: to trade our mower in on a newer one.
Wishing: Jeremy would get it together.
Enjoying: connecting with old friends.
Waiting: for the ground to warm up so I can plant a few things.
Liking: my little garden plan.
Wondering: If we will ever get to get our bikes out of the garage.
Loving: my kids!
Considering: kayaks
Buying: picture reprints/copies.
Watching: Street Outlaw
Hoping: this racing bug doesn’t bite my husband!
Marveling: at the slowness of spring!
Cringing: Got the furnace repair bill…
Needing: more sleep!
Noticing: more green!
Knowing: that my gym time is starting to pay off
Thinking: I should have been more dedicated to the gym sooner.
Admiring: the green!
Getting: caught up around the house more each week!
Opening: Villette by Charlotte Bronte
Closing: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie
Feeling: the affects of the GREAT workouts I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks
Dreaming: of winning the lotery
Hearing: hubby getting ready for a pub crawl we are doing on our friends birthday today!
Celebrating: a good friends birthday today!
Pretending: that retirement is only next year. (lots to prepare for)
Embracing: LIFE

Journal Prompt #12

This week I have chosen not to use the journal prompt that was next on my list but to share with you all my morning routine.  This isn’t a very exciting thing to share but I am routine driven and it helps me to feel less stressed by having a good morning routine.

The key to a good morning routine is to have a good before bed routine.  After our working out and some chores are done at home I begin by either taking a relaxing bath or a nice hot massaging shower.  Either way my soar muscles are relaxed more after a workout by the hot water and I will rest better.  Then I remove all make up left on my face, scrub it well and moisturize.  My hair must be combed out and dried or I will look like Madusa in the morning which will cause more work and time to fix! Moving on, I select a comfortable pair of jammies, grab my book and hop into bed.  A little unwinding while reading a few pages is always good.  There are nights though that my “routine” runs long and I fall into bed ready for sleep. (that happens more often than reading)

The next think I know my four-thirty alarm is going off.  There are times I would love to hit the snooze but I have stopped that bad habit and I get up right after I shut it off.  From my dark bedroom I stagger to the kitchen where I start my cup of coffee and feed the dogs.  While my coffee is finishing I go let our little inside dog out.  Ahhh, coffee is done, I sip on that for a few minutes while I wait for him to be done and come back inside.

Down the hall to my “new” bathroom I begin by washing my face with a warm washcloth, applying a good sunscreen and brushing out my hair.  Before I can get dressed I have to look at the weather app on my phone to decied what I should wear. My clothes are all now in Grandma’s old bedroom (because she had a big walk in closet and two dressers) so I proceed to that room to dress.  Doesn’t take long because I don’t have a large variety of clothes that I wear to work.  Jeans, blouses/tops, tennis shoes or boots, it’s rarely anything fancy.  Back to the bathroom where I apply my makeup and run the flat iron over my hair to help with the frizzy fly away hair of mine.

It should now be about five-thirty.  At this time I head to the kitchen to make my lunch.  Which most of the ingredients are already prepared either over the weekend or the day before.  Eatting healthy for us is more fresh foods.  I like a packet of tuna with some mustard and wheat thins, greek yogurt, almonds and string cheese.  Maybe an apple with peanut butter (protein), celery sticks, or hard boiled eggs.  By the time I get lunch fixed it’s time to wake up Hubby. If the weather is cold (which it has been until very recently) I go out and start his deisel truck for him. After I know he is awake and not going back to sleep I head back to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and half a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey.   My car is started from inside while I go and brush my teeth and take my handful of supplements.

Leaving the house on time every day has not been an issue since I started getting up with the alarm clock and getting right at my routine.  Six-thirty I am walking out the door!

What’s On Your Nightstand? – April 2018

This is one of my favorite link ups that I have always taken part in.  I couldn’t not blog and read and not join in with everyone at 5 Minutes for Books.  It occurs the last Tuesday of every month.  You share what you have been reading, what is still hanging out on your nightstand, and what you plan to read if you like.

This has not been a very good month of reading.  We have been working hard around the house and I have stepped up my workout routine.  Audio books are going to be my best friend in the coming months I believe.  With mowing and other outside things to do I can always listen to a book.

For the month of April I have listened to or read : (each title has a link to my review)

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
 I’m currently reading/listening to: 

What’s hanging out on my nightstand?

Villette by Charlotte Bronte

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

One Million Page Challenge update:

April: 844

Year to date: 5,654

Challenge to date: 98,887


SWDB #15 – April 23, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: Mostly cloudy.  Trying to rain

I am thinking: I stayed up too late every night this weekend.  Including last night. (think I am holding off the coming of Monday! LOL!)

I am thankful: For a beautiful Saturday that I was able to cut my grass.

One of my favorite things: The smell of fresh-cut grass.

I am creating: nothing.  Just not feeling it.

I am wearing: blue jeans, pink t-shirt, pink Nike’s, and a black sweat jacket.

I am reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

I am listening to: On The Road by Jack Kerouac

I am hoping: to finish Murder at the Vicarage this week.

I am learning: to be comfortable in my own skin.

In my kitchen: much of the same.  Only healthy chicken and fish with green veggies.

Shared quote:  I feel this is true as long as you don’t come across as conceited.

A moment from my day: Took Grandma out for doctor appointments on Friday and we had lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Closing note:  Grandma got a good report from the Orthopedic surgeon on Friday.  He is very happy with how well she has done and does not need to see her again unless she has issues.  She is to continue therapy until they see no more progress but continue to use the walker at all times for added stability.  Her General practitioner said she looks good and vitals are all great!  Now her appointments will all come due in the spring and I won’t have to get her out in the winter months.  We also picked up her new hearing aids.  I’m so happy that she can hear again!  Conversation is so much easier.

It looks like I’m starting another new pattern… being late with my SWDB post!  I just don’t take the time to prep on Sunday and then Monday mornings I have been over sleeping.  Oh well, here is a post and I’m glad to be a part of this one!  Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday Salon – Reflection

Time:  7:15

Scene:  It’s actually a cozy morning here on the couch.  The birds are swarming an almost empty bird feeder.  We didn’t buy anymore because as you know it is spring and they should be finding plenty of food on their own.

Today’s Plan:  do a load of laundry, go to the gym, grocery shop, and rest this evening.

Drinking: Coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer

 Listening to: the quiet Sunday Morning!

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Pondering: Our furnace went out on the coldest day of last week.  {{sigh}} isn’t that they way it goes?  We couldn’t even burn wood because it requires the blower from the furnace to push the heat from the wood burning part of the furnace through the house.  We used a space heater in the bedroom and bathroom at night.  Luckily it didn’t stay cold or get cold enough that water pipes would freeze.  Our house is only 18 years old, very air tight and solid.  We survived our short term discomfort. 🙂

Plans this week:  I always see Grandma Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that you will always see listed here unless there is a shake up that week.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I will get to the gym.  Friday I have a doctor appointment in the City (St. Louis being the “City”).  Then I will get stop and get my manicure before heading home to visit with Grandma.  Saturday night we are planning on going to dinner with a friend of mine and her husband.  It’s her birthday!

Journal Prompt #11

The topic this week could be considered an “excuse” why one is not successful.  What is something that is holding you back?  Holding me back in what area is what is going through my mind at the moment.  I feel I am as successful at work as I will ever be.  I have no desire to go into management in the last five years of my career.  In my spiritual life I feel I am walking closer to God than I ever did while in an organized building.  My marriage is strong and growing stronger all the time.

The only area that I feel could be better is our my relationship with our kids.  As you all know our oldest daughter and my husband are estranged.  This in turn makes me estranged to some extent as well.  I will not go against my husband or speak badly about him for his “choice to stick to his guns”.  He has a different way of loving and motivating than I do.  I reach out to her on occasion but our discussion is never very deep.  All that I can do is keep praying and when I get that moment to interject with hubby I do.  There have been a couple of conversations with our daughter where I tried to explain how her dad loves and that his intentions are good.  But she doesn’t want to hear it.  It goes against the way she is choosing to live right now.

Maybe I should just reach out and talk without letting “dad” or circumstances cloud our conversations. 🙂  I’m really glad I was forced to think this through.