Week In Review Introduction


The weeks seem pretty much the same but I thought I would start jotting them down here to keep track.  My mind is so full that it can’t be trusted to remember most things! LOL! Starting next Saturday I’ll address the following categories from Saturday – Friday of the previous week.

  • Workout: How many days and any great milestones to report, diet changes, etc.
  • Meal plans: Did we stay the course or did we veer off course?  What they thought of any new recipes that we tried.
  • Around the Farm: Whatever we have done this week.  Notes on new calves, our weather, etc.

Some weeks may be more exciting than other.  I hope that I can be real in this place and share things that are really happening in a real life!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a BEAUTIFUL Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Week In Review Introduction

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