Sunday Salon – Mother’s Day


Time: 8:00

Scene: It’s a beautiful morning in May.  The birds are singing and there are rabbits out!  We don’t have many of those with our big dog.


Today’s plan: Hubby is taking our daughter to church this morning.  We are trying to get our 19 year old daughter plugged into a church with a young adult group.  After church we will probably go to lunch somewhere along with the entire county! 😉  It’s Mother’s Day so I will be calling my mother like the good daughter that I am {{wink, wink}} We have to get some cattle panels set up so that we can get the cows in the lot on Tuesday evening to be worked by the Vet on Wednesday.  Chance of rain is to great here to take the bike out. Will probably workout and do a little shopping later this evening.

Drinking: Coffee with Vanilla Caramel creamer (one cup because I don’t want the extra calories.

Listening to: Hubby making breakfast.

Reading: Proverbs this morning.  It’s one of my favorite books.  Not everyone enjoys it.  It’s pretty deep.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Mother’s Day

  1. Oh geesh, I forgot about the Sunday Salon. I will have to do the Salon tomorrow. Have a Happy Mother’s Day, friend.

    (and I got a chuckle over your comment; ‘wink, wink’–about calling your mom) I have similar issues…


  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Monica. I tried word press quite some time ago and couldn’t figure it out so that is why I stayed with blogger. I hope you have a lovely day!


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