Friday’s Fave Five -THE 13th!

FFF spring

Joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to share some of my favorite things from the week from my new blog!  I can’t believe it is the middle of May already.  There is only about seven days of school left!

1 – The Blues won round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs!!!   It would be so awesome if they won the Stanley Cup!

2 – Getting back to knitting.  I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my scarf.  I can watch the Blues games and knit at the same time.  What a great way to spend the evening!

3 – Hubby took me to a very nice place for Mother’s day dinner.  I couldn’t take any really nice pictures as every where I turned there were people and some folks don’t take kindly to being in pictures.  The food was excellent.  I can’t wait for another special occasion!

IMAG03984 – Last night I went to the salon and got some fun colors put in my hair for the summer!  Lightened it up a lot.  Hubby really likes it.  I’m getting used to it I guess.

IMAG04155 – Invictus games – Sunday night was the opening ceremony.  We have recorded it all and can’t wait to watch it. These are some of the world’s most amazing people!  It gives me chills to think about what they sacrificed for their countries!  Thank you to all of the Men and Women who have and are serving in the armed forces.

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five -THE 13th!

  1. Thank you for visiting this morning, I love your hair!!! So very pretty…did you see that the young lady who won the gold in swimming gave her medal back to the Prince and he was perplexed, she insisted he give it to the hospital that saved her life. AWESOME!!!!

    Have a beautiful day, friend, pouring rain here and it is suppose to cool off here too…Blessings


  2. Love your hair!

    It’s always great to be taken out to dinner. Totally one of my faves.

    I’m going to have to google Invictus games … not sure what they are?


  3. Your hair turned out nice! The Mother’s Day dinner sounds great. I don’t knit but need to get back into some cross stitch projects to work on in the evenings while watching TV with hubby. I used to enjoy that a lot.


  4. Your hair looks very pretty. I will be getting highlights put in on Tuesday, due to my son’s wedding in three weeks. Maybe I should be braver this time. 🙂


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