Week In Review


It’s time for my first “Week in Review” post!  Wow has this week flown by.  As they all seem to do the older that I get! {{smiles}}  The week in itself was not very exciting one but it was active.  So let’s get at it shall we?…

  • Workout: It was a strong week of working out.  Normally I don’t work out on Saturdays because of house work.  This week I got my house work done early and went to work out with my hubby.  Followed by Sunday – Tuesday. (Working the cattle Wednesday was a workout in itself)  I’m running on the treadmill at a pretty good pace for my short legs, 4.7 for 16 minutes without pausing for a 30 second break anymore.  Since I always said that I’m not a runner and if you see me running it’s because someone is chasing me with a knife! Bwhahaha!!!!  Anyway, it was a great week.  My weight is down by 2 pounds…
  • Meal plans: The meal plans that I post in my daybook are for the kids and Grandma.  Hubby and I eat something entirely different.  Usually chicken or fish with veggies grilled on the Forman grill.  The new dish Southwest chicken bake was a hit!  So I will add it to my recipe binder. (I will share the recipe here soon)
  • Around the Farm: If we need rain, all we have to do is schedule the Vet to come and work cattle, which we did that last week.  And of course the day he was due to come we had rain on the radar!  Luckily we got done before the storms came through.  They are home grown cows (all born and raised here) so they are pretty easy to work.  Saturday we got a new heifer calf.  The mother is a first time momma and she’s doing really good!  The weather had been really nice, except for the storm that moved through on Wednesday.
  • EXTRA- Mother’s Day: was a wonderful day!  That’s all I can say! I enjoyed my family very much!  Blues are winners!  On to the next round! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. Thanks for the smiles…we have had rain as well…it has been darn right warm, but, today and the reminder of the weekend–rain and very cool. Have a beautiful weekend, friend.


  2. Good work on your workouts! This has been an off week for us – I had a couple of other things on the schedule this week and my husband wasn’t feeling well. But we’ll be back at it Monday. Glad the vet was able to get done before the rain came.


  3. Checking in here. Since you’re not on blogger, you don’t show up in my feeds so I don’t know when you post. So, I checked today and found some I’d missed. Enjoyed your week in review. Have a great weekend.


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