Sunday Salon – Busy Day


Time: 8:55

Scene: The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue.

Today’s plan: We have a cow (the one that lost her calf a few weeks ago) that we are selling today.  It’s sad really.  She was born here and this was her first calf.  We have a buyer that we will take her to today.  Then I’ll finish a couple loads of laundry, workout, make dinner… nothing very exciting or out of the norm.

Drinking: Coffee…{{sigh}} I need more lots of coffee!!!

Listening to: hubby  in the kitchen.  We’ve got to eat and get going.



Pondering: nothing right at the moment.  I’m so tired.  I worked very hard yesterday.

One thought on “Sunday Salon – Busy Day

  1. I was just reading in the Penny Saver here the sale of heifers for spring. Funny, you should mention selling her…( I know, one has nothing to do with the other, smiles)—I sure miss farm living. Try to rest sometime today. Blessings


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