Week In Review – #2


There are some weeks that just don’t seem very exciting.  And, I’m okay with that!

  • Workout: Not really been a solid week.  I don’t go to the gym if my hubby can’t go too.  This week has been full of School Board stuff with graduation being tonight.  I go in only three days.
  • Meal plans:  Went pretty well.  The only change we had was our daughter wouldn’t be home for dinner on Thursday and she wanted the Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo.  So we had that on Wednesday night instead.  There wasn’t any new recipes this week.  And I normally make my Alfredo sauce from scratch but did not this time.  I need to teach my daughter how to make it though.  That’s part of my teaching them right!?
  • Around the farm: Sunday we moved the cattle to the summer pasture.  This is always a big job.  We run them across the back of our property, down a lane with a “fake” electric fence up.  It’s very important that ALL the calves get over with their mothers.  They have never done this before so they aren’t really sure what’s going on.  There are always a couple that don’t want to go.  Yep, it happened again.  I am getting pretty good at my herding skills, let’s just put it out there! 🙂 LOL!  Everyone is where they are supposed to be now and life is good.  Jada, our German Shepard, is amazing us more and more every single day.  Most recently she has kept a couple of dogs from coming into our yard.  We live down a private lane, a dead in road.  These two dogs, we know who they belong to, come through at least once a week.  She will bark and keep them out of the yard all day long.  My grandmother and inside dog just about lose their minds with all the barking.  I have to call the owners to come and get them.  She’s our baby and we love that she is watching out for us!
  • EXTRA – Got some knitting done, not much as I only sat and watched one Blues game this week.  But it’s something.  I’m also pushing my way through this 5th Harry Potter book.  It’s good it’s just that I don’t have a lot of time to sit and read.  Trying to make more time for it though.

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – #2

  1. Will you maybe share the homemade Alfredo Sauce???? We buy the jar stuff and would love to know how to make it, smiles. Have a beautiful weekend friend.


  2. Good work, Jada! I always planned to teach my kids how to cook, but their schedules were so busy in their teens and college years, it never happened. But my two who are out on their own do a nice job now – they even teach me some things some times. I did cook when I was a teen, though. My mom worked, and I usually started dinner and then she finished it up when she came home.


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