Sunday Salon – Post Graduation day


Time: A little late this morning but, oh, you’ll read more about it below…. 9:00

Scene:  From my bed with the curtains open.  It’s a beautiful sunny morning!


Today’s plan: Last night we volunteered at Project Graduation.  We came home about 1 am and went to bed.  Our power went off at 4:30 so my hubby got called to work.  He’s still there and will be most of the day.  I’ve slept in a bit but now I am sitting in my room on my bed (coffee next to me, laptop on my lap) resting…  Today I will most likely read and knit.  I want to get his Harry Potter book finished.  First I will take in a couple chapters of the book below…

Drinking: Coffee with vanilla caramel creamer. My first cup and probably not my last! 🙂

Listening to: the fan on my dresser.  Everyone is being very quiet because they know that we were up very late…



Then I will delve into Harry Potter.  I’m getting close to being done!

Pondering: Some of the kids we saw last night had been in our youth group at one time or another.  Some are not in a good place at all.  I said a quick prayer but I will be praying for them more every day.  This may sound mean but, I’m glad I don’t work with youth any more.  It is too hard on my heart.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Post Graduation day

  1. Oh, my sweet friend, I completely understand about todays youth…so much misguidance…shaking my head (and I will leave it at that). Keeping you and todays youth in prayer.

    Your window is beautiful…we have a big glass picture window in our bedroom…but nothing like yours, smiles.

    Have a beautiful day and thank you for your visit this morning.


  2. Monica, I wouldn’t want to be a young person during this time for anything! The pressures and garbage out there that they have to wade through is tremendous. If there isn’t a good strong and spiritually stable environment at home, it’s even worse. I don’t think I could work with young people either. Rest today and I hope your husband comes home early. Thank you for your prayers for me and Mom.


  3. I understand your feelings about working with youth … but you can still be a prayer warrior on their behalf.

    Love your window view! I’m all about letting light in …

    Have a great week, my friend!


  4. Sounds like a restful day! Sometimes when I’d pick up my kids from school, I’d look down the row of eager faces watching for their parents and just ache at the thought that some of those kids would end of going the wrong way. I wish we could “make” them go right – all we can do is pray and try to be the best influence we can.


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