Yarn Along – End of May

YarnAlongButton1-003As I told you in my last Yarn Along, I don’t make a lot of progress from one week to the other so I am doing my posts bi-weekly.  Here I link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my meager progress

On Mother’s Day I started this scarf.  Just shows you how slow I really am at this.  Well, not slow, just not a lot of time…

IMAG0404IMAG0459As of last night this is where I am on this scarf.  I’m almost finished with this Harry Potter book #5.  It’s only taken me about eight weeks!  Oh, really can’t wait to be done with this Classics Challenge so that I can read just anything that sound appealing!

The scarf is a good project for me.  It’s easy mindless knitting that I can do while watching the hockey or baseball games.  Because that is the only time that I get to sit still at home… 😀

Hope you all are having a great week.  I took today off work and am enjoying the day with my hubby.  We are car shopping for me.  I don’t need this big old suburban anymore.  The kids are grown and we hardly every go anywhere together.  I’ll let you know tomorrow or Friday how it goes today.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Along – End of May

  1. your knitting is beautiful!!! good luck with the car shopping, we will be looking later this summer since our son will be taking one of our cars to his new school in the fall. Not sure what we will be shopping for yet!


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