Thankful Thursday

thankfulthursdayCounting my blessings this week!

::overtime. my hubby has had quite a bit of overtime this past week.  Storms moved through and he got called to work.  I worry when he is gone but the extra money on his check is wonderful!

::rain…the hayfields really needed rain.  There hasn’t been much undergrowth just all stems.  That doesn’t make for good hay.  But we should see some growth soon.

::Schools out for the  SUMMER!  Unfortunately I remember that old ROCK song from the 80’s.   I have made lists of things that our son is to do each day.  My goal is to make our weekends less work and more fun!

::A day off in the middle of the week!  I’ve been so busy and stressed at work that I just had to take a day off!  My boss was out of town at a meeting and I grabbed the opportunity to be out of the office too!

 ::Son got good scores on his ACT.  Not scholarship good but better than we expected

::I kept my suburban in exchange for a toy!  We a got a great deal and this is so much fun!

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