Week In Review – #3


It’s been a busy kind of week.  One that, if I don’t put it down in words, I will soon forget it!

  • Workout: Oh, not good at all.  Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.   Well, I don’t guess that is too bad. a couple of breaks in there.  But I will be off all this weekend because the hotel we are staying at does not have a gym. 🙂
  • Meal plans:  Went off without a hitch!  I can’t say that every week!   Since I didn’t workout Monday I had the opportunity to grill my pork steaks and brats.  I covered them tightly and had our middle blessing put them in the oven to cook very slow for several hours the next day.  Makes for some wonderfully tender pork steaks!
  • Around the farm: The farm is quiet.  There has been a ton of rain.  You can hear the hay growing out there.  Dozens of eggs every week!  I have two families that buy up almost every egg we get.  I am thankful for that! 🙂
  • EXTRA – Finished Harry Potter #5, the pool is open but not yet ready to swim in (gonna have to warm up a lot!), we are leaving for our little weekend get away this morning, and I’ve made plans for everyone to stay occupied while we are gone.

I won’t  be blogging Sunday or Monday as I am not going to have computer access.  A couple days break won’t hurt.  I’ve been rather steady since I moved to WP.  I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend and that you take a moment to remember those who served our country and died for our freedoms!



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