Friday’s Fave Five – Rainy days

FFF spring

Joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to share some of my favorite things from the week.  I’ve been away all week and you would think that I would have lots of GREAT things to share.  To tell the truth I have been so busy since being gone last weekend and trying to prepare for our trip this weekend.  Today we leave for a School Board convention.  Three days at a resort while hubby is in meetings… Boy will I have lots to share next Friday! 🙂

1 – Our drive down to Eureka Springs last weekend was very scenic!  I loved being on the back of the bike and just taking in the fresh air.  A wonderful break in the rain we had (more to come in this morning!).


2 – Visited our oldest for a little bit this week.  I went to her new house to deliver a birthday card for her “step son”…  It’s nice to see her so domestic.

3 – Pool is open!  I worked extra hard this week getting our pool cleaned and ready to use.  It isn’t normally so bad but our cover is old and lots of junk got in the water this year.  I had to scoop leaves, scrub algae, and vacuum many times.  It now looks very inviting.  Just need to get some time to use it!


4 – Three day work week!  Off Monday for Memorial day and off today to leave on our trip.  It was hard getting all my work for the week in three days but it was worth it! 🙂


5 – This may sound strange to some but I have to say… EVERY. SINGLE. morning since we got our new bedroom set, I have made the bed as soon as we get out of it.  I feel so much better when I leave the house.  Something has been accomplished (although a small something, it’s something).

IMAG0513Hope your weekend is a full and blessed one!


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five – Rainy days

  1. sounds like a lovely week! i had to chuckle at the making of the bed…..i have ALWAYS had to make my bed as soon as im do e showering, etc. i just cant stand an unmade bed and now my daughters are the same way!! happy weekend!


  2. I didn’t make the bed regularly when I was first married, but once I got into the habit, I loved it. I like that the room in general looks more kept up just by having the bed made, and I don’t have to untangle sheets when I get back in. And, like you said, it feels good to know that one thing is accomplished.

    3 day work weeks are nice! Hope your trip goes well! It’s been years since I’ve been on a bike other than the exercise kind. A pool sounds lovely this time of year!


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