Week In Review – #4


There’s been a lot going on with me but it isn’t all work!!  Last Saturday we went for Memorial weekend to Eureka Springs AR on the Harley. It was a great trip. The weather cooperated and hubby and I enjoyed ourselves very much.  Now, on to the topics that I touch on each week.

  • Workout/Health:  Hmmm, well, the weekend was very bad!  We ate thing we should never touch!  Like brownie bites! mmmm so yummy!  To top that we couldn’t workout at all over the weekend.  There was no gym at our hotel as it was built in the 50’s (was nice and clean and comfortable!).  Getting back Monday afternoon we ran to the gym to get a workout in.  Tuesday hubby had to work late.  Wednesday we worked out.  Thursday I had a nail appointment (which means no workout for me).  Friday morning we left for our weekend at the lake.  This resort has a nice workout facility.  I found it right off and plan to get a good one in Saturday and possibly Sunday before we head home.
  • Meal plans:  It was a rough week.  I didn’t get any shopping done so we made meals with what we had in the freezer.  Not a bad thing as there is tons of food that needs to be cooked up.  We are making great progress in cleaning out the freezer this way.
  • Around the farm:  Happy, Happy, Happy.  All the animals are doing well and living off all the wonderful grass that is coming as a result of these rains and warm weather.  After we get hay done farming is a breeze! LOL!
  • EXTRA – Haven’t done much reading this week.    There hasn’t been much time for that.  I started a new work schedule.  For nine years I have worked seven hour days.  With my new boss I have so much to do that I need that extra hour to get it all done.  Now with our son being out of school I am going into work at 7:00 am and working until 3:00 pm.  Before I had an extra hour in the morning to get my posts finished and posted.  Now I am going to have to have them mostly ready before or totally ready and scheduled.

I hope that I don’t bore you or lose you this summer as I try to transition life a little bit for awhile.  I read blogs and comment on the via my phone while I am on break or waiting for appointments.  Sometimes it’s even while I’m at the gym.  Take care and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


4 thoughts on “Week In Review – #4

  1. I enjoy reading your weekly review no matter what is going on. It’s hard to fit everything into life when you work. I’ve been playing around with wordpress some. I like your look here and have been working with the template you are using. Whether I actually switch over is debatable. But it’s a challenge. Have a great weekend.


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