Sunday Salon – Weekend Away


Time: 9:11

Scene: I’m sitting in my resort room enjoying the quiet.  It’s a beautiful sunny morning after days of dreary rain.

Today’s plan: We will be heading home soon.  I booked hubby a massage for this morning so he could de-stress before get back to the old grind.  It’s been a very nice weekend away.  I’m not in any hurry to get back to the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.  I love Grandma and the kids but WOW you don’t realize just how demanding they all can be on your time until you’re away for a few days.

Drinking: starting on water.  I have not really been drinking enough lately! 😉

Listening to: the hum of the refrigerator and the tapping of the keys.

Reading:  Still working on Madame Bovary (every time I try to read this I start to fall asleep! Literally!)  and listening to The Evil Genius and taking my time through this one…


Then I picked this up at the bookstore on Friday. Bookstores are an addiction for me.  I really don’t need another book but I just have to go in and look.  They were having a great sale and I was looking for workout, healthy eating motivation.  I found this one and it’s really good so far.  Has a menu, which is where I really need help and, some workout routines for 12 weeks.  Not that I will ever look like this but my goal is to develop a strong and healthy lifestyle.


Pondering: How blessed we are to be able to break away two weekends in a row.  It will be a long while before we get to do it again.  We will be getting ready to get our hay done soon.  Then there will be farm maintenance before winter, need to visit with a recruiter for our son’s military future, then school will be starting back up.  Wow!  The summer will be over before we know it! 😉

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.  It’s beautiful here in the Ozarks!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Weekend Away

  1. hmm…just my thought…we were discussing this with our son as well, but maybe wait until after the election to join the military…the current person in office is not that military friendly and that is from personal experience, not just blowing hot air, smiles.

    Hurray for your hubby, a massage sounds good. smiles


  2. How wonderful to be able to get away two weekends in a row! I’m glad you’re able to do it before you get really busy. We are watching now Tropical Depression 3 that will probably be Tropical Storm Colin by tomorrow. So rain won’t be an issue here!


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