Week In Review – #5


This week has been kind of busy in all the areas below because we try to cram too much into each week!

  • Workout/Health:  Hmmm, well, the weekend was kind of bad!  Much better than the weekend before. There was a gym at the resort but instead of working out I chose a massage/facial and some time by the pool.  Did not get a work out in on Monday because hubby had to work very late again.   Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday were the three days this week.  I am working on a new diet I haven’t “officially” started it yet but I am starting to eat the foods and get my grocery lists ready. (still reading the book).  It’s a healthy eating lifestyle not just another “diet”.
  • Meal plans:  Were good this week.  Looking for simplicity with our complicated busy schedules.  Will accept any menu ideas right now.
  • Around the farm:  Hay season officially began for us this week.  Hubby laid down the first field on Wednesday evening.  We hope to be finished by mid July.
  • EXTRA – Middle daughter started summer class this week, Microbiology, Monday through Thursday.  Our son is doing some work with my brother in law to help keep him busy.  Grandma is doing the same; reading, sweeping & mopping, crosswords…  The weather was absolutely gorgeous this week.  In the mid to upper 80’s with lots of sunshine. Then the heat kicked in yesterday, upper 90’s. My favorite time of year!  I haven’t got much reading or knitting done.  I tried to read by the pool but the book I had bored me to sleep!  For real!  and that never happens to me! LOL

Now that you have visited me and other blog friends, get out and enjoy your weekend if at all possible!


2 thoughts on “Week In Review – #5

  1. It looks like it wants to rain here and the humidness is back as well. The last few days have been darn right chilly…anyways…have a beautiful day, friend…as usual, I enjoyed your post.


  2. I enjoyed reading about your week. A massage and facial sound wonderful! Pretty hot temps! Warmer than we are, I think. Have a great weekend.


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