Sunday Salon – Hay days


Time: 8:36

Scene: It’s a gorgeous sunny morning.  The curtains are pulled to keep out the summer heat as the ceiling fan whirls a nice breeze over me.

Today’s plan:  Because yesterday can officially be deemed a disaster for farmers anywhere I have a lot to do in the house today.   Hubby has been called to work so we will not continue working on the broken down equipment we spent hours on yesterday.  I’ve got to finish the laundry, menu plan, clean the bathroom, and grocery shop.  Then there is working out to do since we had to skip yesterday.

I would like to just forget all of this list and go see a movie or spend time in my pool.  Looks so inviting this morning.


Drinking: black coffee

Listening to:  nothing. Grandma is still asleep and our son is out weed eating the neighbor’s lawn while he is away on vacation.  It’s going to be a hot one so he needs to be out their early.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Evil Genius, and 52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life.

Pondering: The information that I am taking in from the Cosmo diet I am reading about.  The foods are simple and the exercise is a short routine the the mornings.  The only bad thing about that is that I already get up at 5 to leave for work at 6:30… Not wanting to get up earlier to workout!  I will more than likely just add the eating part to my life and keep working out with Hubby in the evenings…


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Hay days

  1. The pool looks so inviting…so sorry to read about the farm equipment breaking down. I wish we lived closer, friend, smiles. Try to have a beautiful day regardless of the circumstances.


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