Sunday Salon – Father’s Day


Time: 7:04

Scene: Sun is shining and it looks to be another hot one.

Today’s plan: Celebrate Dad’s… Mine and my kids! 🙂  But, hubby is working in the hay fields today.  It may take all day!  Then we need to haul it home.  But I am going to see my dad again for a little bit today.  I’ve got a little bit of shopping to do, not much. Along with a couple loads of laundry. Check the pool and clean it if necessary too.  I want to grill some chicken for our lunches this week, read a few pages, and knit.

Drinking: Coffee with fat free hazelnut creamer

Listening to: the quiet. Hubby has already gone to check the hay and everyone else is still in bed.

Reading:  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Evil Genius, and 52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life.

Pondering: If I really want to continue with this reading challenge thing.  I love to read but sometimes this challenge thing takes the fun out of reading all together.  It is more like something I have to do instead of really want to do.  It leaves no room for anything else in my life.  In addition it leaves me feeling guilty because I’m NOT reading when maybe I “should” be.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Father’s Day

  1. Happy Fathers Day to your hubby and dad…I am not sure if I could keep up with those reading challenges, like you said, it takes the fun out of it, smiles. (might take the fun out of it)

    Have a beautiful day friend.


  2. I hope your hubby has a bit of time today to enjoy Father’s Day. I feel the same way about challenges. Once I make one, I feel that it’s become a “have to” instead of a “want to.” Have a great day.


  3. I love reading challenges, but love flexibility even more – which is one of the reasons I generally set myself personal challenges. I’ve found that balance is my biggest challenge (to use the word in a different way) in my reading since I have a natural tendency to binge read certain types of books to the exclusion of all else. I find that it’s worthwhile for me to evaluate my reading regularly to see where those imbalances are happening and to correct them if I can.


  4. I set for this year 30 books to read. I loosely try to read fiction, non fiction, classics and short stories but it’s not set in stone. If you love doing it continue, if you are dreading doing it, quit. or alter your goals!! life is too short.


  5. I enjoy reading challenges because they broaden my horizons and get me into books I might not otherwise delve into, but agree that too many of them or too busy of a challenge takes all the fun out of it and translates into pressure. Like bekah, I’ve had to work to find the balance best for me. I’m almost done with my reading challenges for the year and am looking forward to reading whatever I want for the rest of the year.


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