Sunday Salon – Anniversary Weekend


Time: 12:01

Scene: I am kicked back on my bed (where I like to rest) under the ceiling fan.  The curtains are pulled to keep the sun and heat out.

Today’s plan: We had a very busy Saturday trying to get all the chores done around the house so that we could get in our little car and go for an overnight road trip.  Late yesterday we did that.  We drove and drove then stopped in a quaint little town, had dinner and got a hotel room.  This morning we got up early, went to Cracker Barrel, and headed home.  Now I am finishing a couple loads of laundry and getting ready to take a quick nap.  The pork steaks have been grilled, sauced and put in the oven to get super tender.  We will get a workout in later this afternoon, before dinner.

Drinking: water

Listening to: the AC and ceiling fan running.

Reading:  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and A Measure of Mercy

Pondering: The amazing husband that God brought to me over 30 years ago!  We just celebrated our 27th on Friday.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Anniversary Weekend

  1. Happy Belated Anniversary…wishes for many more.

    My husband is going to fry up some chicken later, for dinner, your dinner sounds good though–I am trying to talk him into getting a Boston Butt to smoke for July 4th–which is a lot of work he said. lol…smiles


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