The Simple Woman’s Daybook June 27, 2016

For Today

I am joining Peggy and friends to share my daybook.  Hope you will jump over and see what it’s all about.  You can go here to get the guidelines for posting a daybook.


Posting a day early because tomorrow is my Nightstand post…

Looking out my window…Dry!!! Everything is turning brown.  It’s over cast this morning and very humid!  With the extreme heat that we have been having there’s a chance for a pop up shower but they always seem to miss us.

I am thinking…The weekend was way too short

I am thankful…for the weekends!

One of my favorite things…I’d say weekends but you might leave! 🙂  Relaxing days with my hubby.

I am wearing….white pats with a read sleeveless shirt and white Keds.

I am creating…nothing new…

I am reading…Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I’m listening to…A Measure of Mercy by Lauraine Snelling.

I am hoping…that the week goes pretty quick.  I’m excited/nervous about taking our son to the recruiter on Friday.

I am learning…that life is too short to keep reading something that I just can’t stand!

In my kitchen

Monday – baked chicken with stuffing and green beans

Tuesday – .Meatloaf with baked potatoes and carrots

Wednesday – Fish sticks, fries, and mac and cheese

Thursday – Tuna casserole and broccoli

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Pizza

Sunday – Chicken strips and salad

Around the homestead (in place of the school room)…It’s very dry.  We aren’t doing much but making sure everything has good clean water and shade.

In my garden…It’s dry there too.  Having to water regularly.

Post Script…my blog reading has been sporadic this past week.  Nothing is really coming to mind to share.  I’ve done no recreational reading other than a few pages in my book this week.

Shared Quote…


A moment from my day Closing Notes: All the reading I have done on simple living and yet my life seems to be more busy than ever before.  As if I still had 3 active kiddos at home! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook June 27, 2016

  1. I always enjoy your Daybook (sounding like a broken record, wink). I like everything on the menu–except tuna casserole, yick, lol. Good luck on Friday….moral is low for my son, jobs are hard to come by….have a joyful week, friend.


  2. We’re supposed to be getting rain here, but just have thunder so far. C’mon clouds, let go! 🙂

    I’d be nervous about talking to a recruiter, too. Hope it all goes well.


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