Break Time


First I would like to wish you all a happy Independence Day!  Looks like it will be a beautiful weekend here in the Ozarks.

Second, I am sorry I have not been around to visit the past couple of weeks.  I guess I have just been busy living life.  That is why I have decided to take a blog break for a couple of weeks.  Lots going on here with planning for our kids futures, house maintenance, Minnie vacations (staycations) and work in general.  I hope to be back by the end of July.  Hope to be able to pop in and visit you throughout the month.


7 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Have a happy blogcation, friend. I am trying to get in as many blog postings and visiting before school starts back in late August….have a Joyful day. (and, yes, I have stolen your word, LOLOLOL)


  2. Hope you have a happy 4th and that all goes well in your various endeavors. I do remember that your meeting with your son with a recruiter is happening soon – I trust all will go well there, questions will be answered, and God will give you wisdom.


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