The Simple Woman’s Daybook August 9, 2016

For Today

I am joining Peggy and friends to share my daybook.  Hope you will jump over and see what it’s all about.  You can go here to get the guidelines for posting a daybook.


Looking out my window…Even though it is still dark, it is so green!  Everything is growing out of control with all the rain and heat we have had. Supposed to rain here again today. It’s a steamy morning already! (soon I will be complaining it’s too cold! LOL!)

I am thinking…there is no way to tell you all what I am thinking right now. Work has become very stressful, hubby’s work is getting the same, the enlistment process for the Air Force is out of control crazy, getting ready to start school this week, and trying to have a life somewhere in between…{{sigh}} sorry, don’t mean to rant already! 🙂

I am thankful…that the Lord is seeing me through all this.

One of my favorite things…working out right now.  Great way to relieve some of this stress.

I am wearing….tan-colored shirt dress with brown belt and brown platform heels.

I am creating…a future for our son… if it can be called creating.  I have to gather so much information due to his ADHD history and pre-adoption issues.  The first “phase” disqualified him so our recruiter asked us to get a little more information. I had to dig up the court documents explaining how he came to be adopted. We gathered a letter from his doctor stating he has been medicine free for over a year and that he shows no current symptoms of ADHD and that he would recommend him for service in the military.  The principle wrote a wonderful letter about what a great student he is and that he has never been a discipline issue.  Also stating that he would recommend him.  Along with 1 year of pharmacy records showing he was off meds. Then they sent back to the recruiter asking for 5 years of medical history with pharmacy records… ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?!  So, “Yes Ma’am, I’ll get right on it!” 🙂

I am reading…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow and 1001 Arabian Nights.

I’m listening to…Joy FM on the radio.  I don’t have an audio book and I need the uplifting that JOY FM offers..

I am hoping…they come back with a decision on our son within the next week.  This waiting is not good on my nerves.  😉

I am learning…Patience… The one thing I knew never to ask the Lord for or He would teach me and I know it wouldn’t be pretty.  Here I am learning it.  Thank you Lord for you know just what I need! 🙂

In my kitchen

Monday – Spicy beef and bean crockpot meal with brown rice.

Tuesday – Cranberry chicken

Wednesday – Polish sausage stew, kraut, and cornbread

Thursday – Honey BBQ Pork roast with carrots

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Pizza

Sunday – Fish sticks, mac and cheese, and broccoli

Around the homestead (in place of the school room)…Here again is another thing that has been very rough.  We went to check the cows in the summer pasture.  Something we don’t normally do but every couple of weeks.  We found one deathly ill!  Got a vet out and she has pneumonia!  Still after about 10 days she still doesn’t seem like she is going to make it!  OH, how I hate with something like this happens to one of ours!  It’s so sad!

The chickens are laying like crazy and enjoying the long day pecking and scratching for bugs in the yard.

In my garden…Our flowers are looking really good with all the rain.  I haven’t had to water for a long time.

Shared Quote…saw this and had to laugh!


A moment from my day Closing Notes: I was hoping to have all this stress wrapped up before I came back to blogging.  I wanted to come back and give you all great news that our son was accepted into the Air Force.  But, we are still working through that.  The Lord has been good and given me encouragement throughout this process.  I can’t say that I’ve been “up” most of the time because I have allowed fear to grip my heart a couple of times.  Then I will hear something inspiring on JOY FM that reminds me that the Lord loves our son and wants what is best for him too

At any rate, I’m back and I hope you can bear with me through this process.  Thank you for the kind notes check up on me!


3 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook August 9, 2016

  1. Ah, the search and rescue found you, after all, smiles (wink and giggles-just teasing)

    Here is my thought, Monica on the military…maybe the good Lord is wanting you to wait? Maybe the good Lord has something else in store…just maybe…just maybe…trust the good Lord…no more worrying, sweet friend. (and I am sorry for all the trouble they are putting you thru, perhaps they ought to do this with every single candidate and not just cherry pick, just saying)—and believe me when I tell you, I know how frusterating it is to wait and be patient with ones child. (sigh)

    We are under a severe drought here, everything is brown. So sorry to hear about the cow…how sad.

    I am glad to see you, truly I am…keeping you in prayer sweet friend…


  2. It can be so difficult to wait while the Lord works things out. Things will work out in their time and the way they should be. Take heart, my friend.


  3. Five years of medical and pharmacy records?! Wow. We haven’t been in that situation but we have had to deal with governmental paperwork, requests for records, and waiting (and waiting) in a different area. It can be so stressful. I echo what Linda and Melanie said, and what you said at the end – God will work it out in His own way and time, whether His plan is the military or something else. Though we know that…it’s still hard to deal with obstacles and more waiting. Praying for His perfect will…and that His timing would be sooner rather than later.

    So sorry about your cow!


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