Thankful Thursday


For the most part I have been wishing my weeks away.  I can’t wait for this day or for that day.  Mostly because I have something I need to get through.  It is causing me to miss out on all that I have to be thankful for.

1 – A wonderful Sergeant – We have a really nice recruiter that we are working with.  She tries real hard to keep me from getting down in this whole process without giving me false hopes.

2 – My job – even though in this season it seems to be very stressful I am thankful that I work in an office (it’s hot out there) and that it is rewarding most days.  My bosses both really appreciate all that I do even though I leave feeling like I have been run over by something really large!

3 – Day trips – My wonderful hubby is also under a lot of stress at work so I am thankful that one day each weekend we have been trying to get away from the farm and all the responsibilities that are here.  I know that sounds cowardly but we need to have on day and evening of peace.  Nobody needing anything from either of us.

4 – For the gym!  It gives us an hour each night to go and punch I mean workout!  And makes you so tired that you fall into bed and sleep without a care in the world!

5 – Our middle daughter – So that I can go to the gym three nights a week she makes dinner for her, her brother, and grandma.  She is home Monday through Thursday and she really likes to cook!  She’s such a sweet girl!

That’s about all I can muster for now.  Praying that the Lord opens my eyes to all the wonderful things around me and that I don’t dwell on the craziness of my days!


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I have been struggling to come up with “Happiness” posts for the August meme…you know, Monica…I blame the weather, so darn blasted hot for my short temper….smiles.

    Keeping you in prayer sweet friend.


  2. It seems we all are struggling lately. I have to work up thankfulness and that too can be a struggle. You do have a lot on your plate right now. I hope that soon it will all settle down for you. I think taking a day a week with your husband is a very smart thing to do. Have a blessed day.


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