Week In Review – #7


I thought to really be back to blogging I need to get back to my regularly scheduled program! LOL! 🙂

  • Workout/Health:  My workout has changed a bit.  To keep my sanity I have had to go down to three/four days a week.  To keep his sanity my husband goes every day!  So far I am feeling better about my life being more rounded and not just so focused on my workout.
  • Meal plans: I make the meal plans and shop for the family.  My daughter cooks Monday – Thursday.  She’s a peach!  This gives me the 3 days plus one weekend day to workout.  Cooking takes a lot of time and so does working out.  I can’t seem to get them both done in one day.  She starts back to school next week but her schedule will still allow her to continue to help me.  I will try to make those meals easier on her.
  • Around the farm: I think we are ready to start selling things off.  The equipment that we won’t need is being prepared for sale.  The calves will go this fall and the breed cows will go after the first of the year.  We are just making another curve in the road of life.  Things change and we have to be realistic.  Hubby and I just can’t farm on our own and hold down full time jobs!
  • Weather:  This week we’ve had a break from the extreme heat that we were having.  I told hubby on Sunday that even though we have had a very hot summer we have no lack of rain fall!  We’ve had steady rain and then flash floods.  We really could cut the grass twice a week if it would stop raining long enough.

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – #7

  1. Oh, oh on keeping the sanity {{grinning}}…and that’s sad about selling things off….I understand, we sold our lawn equipment/business to move up here. Just another “curve” like you put it. Sometimes change can be good, smiles.

    Have a beautiful weekend, friend.


  2. That’s my biggest problem with working out – the time it takes. I get so much more done on the days I don’t work out. But I know it’s necessary and need to get back at it for at least three days a week.

    I can understand about farming/homesteading plus working full time jobs – I don’t see how anyone can do both.


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