Sunday Salon – Back to School

SundaysalonI’m still an early bird but I hit the ground running so that I can get everything done.  Caring for our home, working fun time, and taking care of our health keeps me very busy! Today our middle daughter turns 20!

Time: 7:30

Scene:  Sitting here on my bed looking out the window.  It looks to be another wonderful day! The sun is shining and there appears to be a slight breeze.

Today’s plan: I have to get hubby packed.  He is out of town for a few days for a training session.  There is also grocery shopping this morning.  I always try to get that done first so I can stay home the rest of the day.  After my chores are done I intend on kicking back with my book.

Drinking: Coffee with fat free French vanilla creamer.

Listening to: The quiet of the morning.  Hubby and our son are outside already getting some things done and grandma is still in her room.

Reading:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 1001 Arabian Nights, The Apostle, and Heart of Darkness.  I’m trying to get some classics finished.

Pondering: The fact that we are a week and a half into the school year and our son is doing great. (not that they’ve had a lot of homework or anything) He’s really engaging himself this year.  Getting involved in senior activities and basically trying to be out going.  It’s wonderful that he is “branching out” albeit at a later age than most.  I hope he has a memorable senior year.  Last night he worked the concession stand at the football game.  Hubby and I attended.  We love Friday night home games.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Back to School

  1. So glad your son is branching out. My oldest was never outgoing but did branch out more after college and in his first job. He’s much more social now than he was in high school or college.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!


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