Week In Review – #8


Not a lot to tell this week.  There really hasn’t been much going on.  Getting back into a new routine with everyone in school and activities…

  • Workout/Health:  Took the week off.  More or less, I only worked out Wednesday and Thursday.  Hubby was out-of-town and I took the opportunity to get caught up on some things around the house.  Lots of errands to run.
  • Meal plans: Everyone is back to school.  Menu plan will be a little easier again.  Nothing spectacular but we are sticking to it best we can to make life easier.
  • Around the farm: There’s lots of grass for the cows with all the rain and mild temps.  Everyone is fat and happy!
  • Weather:  Been a cooler most of the week. Warned up here at the end with treats of storms.  It can’t decide if it wants to be August or October…
  • Extras:  Got some medical history from doctor on our son.  He will not qualify for the military at this time.  Looking into other options.  Maybe wait another year before enlisting.  God knows best!  I pray that His plan is made known to us so we know what path to pursue.

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – #8

  1. awwwwwwww….on your son….I was so hoping and praying….yes, friend, God has a plan….I pray he doesn’t get discouraged.

    Same here with the weather….back to being hot, but I see relief will happen after Wednesday when the highs will be only in the 70’s here. smiles

    Have a beautiful day, friend.


  2. Perhaps God has much better plans for your son or this just isn’t the right time. Keeping him in prayer.
    We’ve been seeing slightly cooler temps as well and it feels so good. Mornings are delightful!
    Have a good weekend.


  3. I hope your son is not terribly disappointed about not being able to join the military now – or, if he is, it would be understandable, but I hope he can soon gain the perspective that God does have a plan for him. It’s so hard to wait and not know what the next step is, but He’ll guide that direction along the way. Meanwhile, from what you’ve said in other posts, it sounds like he’s embracing what’s on his plate now, a good thing.

    It’s been way hot here this week. Those cooler temperatures had me hoping fall weather was on the way, but it’s usually back and forth for a few weeks more.


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