Sunday Salon – Disappointment


Life doesn’t always go the way you think it should or would want it to.  That is sometimes a good thing.  We don’t know the future or what else might be waiting for us.  So, we sometimes deal with disappointments as we travel this road of life.  Here we have hit a bump in the road.  May cause a short delay but we will get back on track soon.

Time: 8:15

Scene:  Very warm and sunny already this morning.  The air is still.  No sign of a breeze again today.

Today’s plan: hope to finish Harry Potter today.  We are moving cows home this morning. I have a few chores I need to finish up.  Not a lot today.

Drinking: coffee with hazelnut creamer.  I can’t wait for pumpkin spice to come out at Walmart! I’m ready for fall foods and drinks…sweaters and jeans.

Listening to: Fox News

Reading:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 1001 Arabian Nights, The Apostle, and Heart of Darkness.

Pondering: The fact is that our son’s dream of being in the military is on hold.  With his medical history he will not qualify at this time.  So we have withdrawn his application instead of getting a “disqualification”.  Needing God’s peace in this because I just hate it for him.  My heart feels heavy and I feel like I have let our son down.  Sorry, just being real here.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Disappointment

  1. You did not let him down…just a bump in the road…keeping him and you in prayer, Monica. Hot and summery here, and btw, our little Walmart, Wegmans and Aldi has Pumpkin Spice. I am so looking forward to the cooler/colder weather.

    Have a beautiful day.


  2. I am sorry to hear of the disappointment for your son as well as you. You have done all you can. When the time is right and the if the desire is still there, God will make it happen. I’m looking forward to that pumpkin spice coffee creamer too as well as the season that comes with it.


  3. A closed door isn’t you letting your son down – it’s just a course correction in the plans the Lord has for him. “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). If this isn’t God’s will for him now, then something better is, or this will be at a better time. It’s painful now – but hopefully one day, looking back, it will be seen as just a step God’s directing of his life. Whatever is “around the bend” will be God’s very best for him.


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