The Simple Woman’s Daybook August 30, 2016

For Today

I am joining Peggy and friends to share my daybook.  Hope you will jump over and see what it’s all about.  You can go here to get the guidelines for posting a daybook.


Looking out my window…The sun isn’t even up yet and it is very warm and humid.  I keep telling myself that this oppressive heat and humidity will make for a beautiful fall display!

I am thinking…about our weekend plans for Labor day. Hubby and I are going to a resort at the Lake of the Ozarks for two of the four days.  Then we will be home with family the other two days.  Swimming and BBQ sound nice, don’t you think?

I am thankful…for all my blogging friends who are such an encouragement when I need it!

One of my favorite things…sunshine… beautiful sunshine (but without the extreme humidity that we are having. LOL!)

I am wearing…Red dress with black trim and big black buttons, black heels.

I am creating…alternate plan for our son.  We have withdrawn his application from the Air Force.  After graduation we plan to help him enlist in the Army.  The Air Force is just a really tough branch to get into.  You can have NO physical defects (allergies included).  Crazy.  But we will not be deterred.  We are determined to help him be successful.

I am reading…1001 Arabian Nights and the last 50 pages in Harry Potter #7!!!

I’m listening to…Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

I am hoping…to increase my reading and knitting time.

I am learning…that God has another better plan for us.

In my kitchen

Monday – Tuna Casserole with salad

Tuesday – Tater Tot casserole with broccoli

Wednesday – Mexican

Thursday – Meatloaf

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Pizza

Sunday – Fiesta Lime Chicken

Around the homestead (in place of the school room)…we moved the cows this past weekend from the summer pasture to our home for the last time ever.  Everything looks healthy and all is well on the homestead.

In my garden yard…we are going to plant a tree in the front yard.  I have asked hubby over the years not to because it makes mowing so much more difficult.  But, now I see the need for a tree to shade my kitchen window in the afternoon hours.  So some landscaping is in our future.

Shared Quote

Love hurt

A moment from my day Closing Notes: I’ve been trying to be an encouragement to at least one person each day.  There for a while I was so consumed with helping my son that I forgot to think of others and their need.  This has really taken my mind off of things that the Lord doesn’t want me to focus on. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook August 30, 2016

  1. Hope you have a great time over Labor Day! We haven’t even thought that far ahead yet. Hubby will probably grill burgers, but other than that I don’t think we have plans yet.


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