Yarn Along – Good routine

YarnAlongButton1-003I am  linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

The past couple of weeks (since my last yarn along post) has been much better.  I have made some progress worthy of sharing here today.  I thought maybe if I post every other week I’d have a little more to share! 🙂


My reading has been aggressive. 😀  While hubby was out of town I did not go work out.  Instead I hit my 7th Harry Potter book with a vengeance! I have finished Harry Potter, The Apostle, and Heart of Darkness.  Now I am digging into 1001 Arabian Nights.  It’s a chunkster!  I hope it doesn’t take me forever!

I signed up to review books at Book Look Bloggers again.  They denied my application because I don’t have enough followers… Oh, well.  Maybe it’s not the right time.  Too many classics to get done.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Good routine

  1. I always enjoy seeing your knitting and how it’s coming along. I think I read Arabian Nights when I was young but not sure. If it is as long as you say, I may have only read a part of it. The longest classic book I read in high school was Jane Eyre. Good luck. Sorry you didn’t get accepted with Book Lovers. I’m sure you’ll built up your followers eventually for yo to join. Have a great day.


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