Week In Review – #9


The days are getting shorter!  I am looking forward to fall which also makes me cringe to think of winter coming so fast.  Here are a few highlights to wrap up my week

  • Workout/Health:  I’ve been feeling pretty good lately.  A little tired if anything so I started taking my women’s multi-vitamin again.  Not losing any weight, just maintaining.  Work out days for me are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  This give me a few days through the week to keep up on the home so there isn’t so much to do Saturday.
  • Meal plans: Was a simple one this week.  Casseroles are always great.
  • Around the farm: There’s lots of grass for the cows with all the rain and mild temps.  Everyone is fat and happy!  Chickens have done so well through this summer heat.  They never stopped laying at all!  The grass has to be cut about every 5 days with our current weather conditions.
  • Weather:  The heat is back and it brought it’s ugly friend, “humidity”… LOL!
  • Extras: We left for the lake yesterday morning.  Hubby and I are spending two day here and then heading home.  Nice time together!

3 thoughts on “Week In Review – #9

  1. I hear you about the humidity. I just got back from the store thoroughly drenched with sweat. I’m really looking forward to fall weather alleviating that a bit. Have a great weekend with your hubby!


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