Sunday Salon – Restful weekend


Time: 7:45

Scene:  the room is still kinda dark with the drapes pulled.  It’s quiet as I sit here and sip my coffee waiting for hubby to get up.  He needs to sleep in once in a while.

Today’s plan: Work our way home where I will do up a few loads of laundry, fix Fiesta Lime Chicken for dinner, read, lay around in the pool a little bit, and oh yeah, workout!

Drinking: Black coffee made in my hotel room.  Hubby is still sleeping so when he gets up we’ll go for breakfast and a great cup of coffee at Bob Evans!

Listening to: nothing.

Reading:  1001 Arabian Nights and The Time Keeper

Pondering: retirement!  What we “hope” it will be like…traveling the great USA and seeing new places, sleeping in and slowly enjoying that first cup of coffee without rushing out the door to punch the time clock… sounds like heaven to me! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Restful weekend

  1. Sounds like a nice, restful day. Retirement is still years away for us, but I’m not sure what we’ll be doing. I know my husband will probably have some kind of little business or project going on. He’d like to travel, but unfortunately I don’t travel well – my body gives me problems.


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