My Thoughts On Harry Potter

This picture only includes books 1-5…

I’d seen every movie.  My kids had read the books; more than once.  I refused to be sucked in. So 7 years after the first book was published, I finally set out on a journey to read these books.  To my surprise I really did enjoy them.  As I read them I found my mind following the movie.  Yes, as far as I could remember the movies they followed very closely.  It took me ten months to complete all seven; a good chunk of my reading life but, I’m glad I did it.  For those of you putting it off because they are your “kids” books.  Don’t! They are worth the time.

I enjoyed all the books but I have to say that I guess I wasn’t “in tune” enough because it was the last book that I kept having those “aha” moments!  I can’t believe I didn’t catch on to some of the things that I probably should have.  Even after “watching” the movies.  (because I am up and down throughout a movie I miss a lot)

So now I hear there is an eighth book that recently came out.  I haven’t checked into it but I hope it is not another 700 pager!  LOL!


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Harry Potter

  1. I read the books so quickly that I was able to catch a fair amount as I read (since everything was fresh in my memory) – but now that I’m five (maybe?) years out, I don’t know that I remember anything but the barest of details. I don’t think I’ll read the new one – I’d probably have to reread the whole series to understand it, and I have so little time for fiction these days.


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