Week In Review – #10


  • Workout/Health: It’s more difficult to cook healthy and still feed our son who is a bottomless pit right now.  I buy three pounds of chicken breasts and there is never any “leftovers”.  I have to cook up six pounds at a time.  Salad, he doesn’t like so he won’t eat much.  But he does eat some.  He is running cross country in school this fall and will be doing track in the spring.  He is growing into quite a man! Sorry but I don’t share pictures of my family here because of adoption reasons…  Hubby is maintaining a great weight.  I just can’t seem to take any more off.  I do feel better working out though.  Especially after sitting at a desk all day.
  • Meal plans: Again, it’s hard to come up with meals that are healthy and filling.  Winter won’t be a problem as I can make filling healthy winter meals! 🙂  Chicken chili… OHHH I can’t wait for that one.
  • Around the farm: Right now it is pretty quiet.  But someone asked hubby to cut their hay again.  A second cutting is usually good but we are so flooded with hay and there is so much grass right  now we won’t be able to sell it.
  • Weather:  We had a nice break over the weekend but the heat has returned along with the outrageous humidity.  85* would not be back but the humidity makes it feel like 99* 😦  Thursday it did cool down a little and brought an occasional rain shower.
  • Extras: Grandma is talking about making her annual trip to Arizona again.  When she came back last time she swore she would never go again, “I’m just getting too old for travel” she said.  Bahahaha, I knew she would change her mind.

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