Yarn Along – Slow going

YarnAlongButton1-003I made it back this week to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

With the weather changing I have the urge to be outside again.  The warm sun shining on me with a cool breeze feels like heaven.  I don’t want to hold yarn in my lap.  I don’t want to hold a book; be it Kindle or actual book.  It’s not the lazy days of summer that get me as much as the slow snail pace of fall! 🙂

As far as reading goes I am slowly working my way through the chunkster 1001 Arabian Nights.  Each tale is tied to another tale.  The Wheezers daughter was a very ingenious young lady! (if you know anything at all about the book you will know what I mean.)  I am also listening to Bleak House.  I was kind of lost at first because my mind kept drifting but I think I am following it alright now.  Both of these will count toward my Classics Club Challenge.  I have War and Peace waiting in the wings.

Knitting, hasn’t been so grand. I am still on the green section I was on last week; not good.  Was hoping to get through one color each week or so.  Looks like it may take me two. (I hope not more.)  I am just two rows away from starting the rust color again.  I plan to repeat this pattern of colors three times.  Should be a nice long scarf to wrap around my neck to keep nice and warm during winter. (OHHH geez, I don’t even want to think about it!)



3 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Slow going

  1. I don’t blame you for wanting to be outside. Time enough for knitting and reading when snow covers the ground. The scarf is looking very pretty. Have a good day.


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