Friday Foto Friends #6

FFF camera-2

Joining Deb to share…

This is the back of our house.  When we built it 16 years ago we thought we put a good hard siding on it that would last “forever”.  WRONG!  Should have bricked the whole thing!  Where the ornamental shutters were attached there is water damage.  After removing those shutters and silicone the holes we are looking for a siding to replace it with.  {{sigh}} I VERY STRONGLY dislike this type of thing.  It will be sometime next year before we can get to it.  Probably after the cows and farm equipment have been liquidated… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Friday Foto Friends #6

  1. Oh, my, I’m so sorry. Seems like with being a homeowner comes all kinds of repairs and fixes….it’s never ending. We’ve been working on our front porch in intervals all spring/summer. The heat has slowed us down tremendously. 😦 Post of pic of yours when you finally do get it all prettied up! Thanks so much for sharing with FFF today. I’m so glad we met and appreciate your encouraging comments. HOPE you have a great weekend.


  2. I can so relate. We bought a home built in 1965 a few years ago, and we have been doing repairs ever since. Seems like something “new” pops up as soon as we take care of one thing. But we are thankful for our home and thank the Lord for His provision so we can make the repairs each time. I hope you will be able to repair your home soon without any other major issues. Looks like a lovely home. Thanks for sharing with us.


  3. Always something when you own a home! I guess whenever I think I want to buy, I remember that. Hopefully you can get it fixed before more damage. It is a lovely home.


  4. Yes, it does seem there is always something to fix or do and sometimes things slip through he cracks because they aren’t noticed until it’s really bad. I am sorry to hear you will have to be liquidating – that doesn’t sound too good.


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