Week In Review – #11


  • Workout/Health:  This week was not a good workout week.  And then I did a little bit of stress eating; which is never good.  Hubby had a round the clock shift one night, school board workshop another, and then hay cutting.  So we didn’t get to workout as normal.  Other than the little stress eating I mentioned we did pretty good not over eating.
  • Meal plans: Changed our days around a little bit.  Hubby likes the Mexican night and wasn’t home for the original scheduled night so we moved it.  We try to be flexible when it comes to everyone’s schedule.
  • Around the farm:  Blah…haying.
  • Weather:  The week started out gorgeously.  Then the humidity moved back in.
  • Kiddos:  Our son meddled for the first time in Cross Country event. This is his first year and only his third event!  Middle daughter is doing great in her college courses.  She’s got a tough semester: Anatomy I and 2 and an online mythology class. 🙂  Our oldest has not mentioned “wedding” plans again lately.  But she is talking more about the “step” children in her life.
  • Extras:  The end of an era…kind of sad to me.  I know it’s only a pool but it marked the year that our oldest learned to swim. We ran out and got a pool! 🙂  That was 16 years ago.  At this time we are planning on replacing the liner and keeping it.  I think I have had an identity crisis this week.  I got bored with the look of my blog and went playing around with different templates.  Still not sure.  I’m wanting something very fall-ish.

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – #11

  1. I think if it were me, I’d want to keep the pool. Hopefully new liners aren’t to expensive. I like to change my blog look. It’s almost as therapeutic as rearranging a room. I like your blog – very fall like.


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