Sunday Salon – Catch Up!


Time:  9:16  I fixed breakfast this morning and was watching the news on the bombing in NY!

Scene:  It’s a somewhat cloudy morning with cool temps.  Looks to be a lovely day.

Today’s plan: Taking it a little easy.  I took off work Friday and most of my chores are done.  All I need to do today is menu plan and pick up a few groceries.  Will of course get a workout in.  Some reading is also at the top of my list.

Drinking: Coffee with fat free vanilla caramel creamer

Listening to:  Fox News this morning.  Hubby and son are out doing some chores and the cows are bawling.  They think they need grain.

Reading:  1001 Arabian Nights and Bleak House; both are every long and tiresome books!  However, I will see them through.

Pondering:  These latest terror attacks. People, we have got to wake up!  The enemy is not going to stop terrorizing us until we start fighting back with all we’ve got!  We need a Leader who is going to be very aggressive in keeping our country safe!  {{off my soapbox}}

5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Catch Up!

  1. I hope you make steady progress on your books so you can get to something new! I am reading “the once and future king” which was originally four books but then they made it one massive print….it’s going to take me forever…


  2. Hi Monica, You asked about the shawl I knitted for my niece. It’s called Coleus. I think I got it off ravelry (actually paid the $6 for it because it was perfect for my not at all girlie niece).


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