Thankful Thursday


Where has this week gone?! 🙂  Remember I said I was trying to be more intentional about being in the moment instead of wishing my days away… They are just zooming by now that I’m not thinking about another day instead of the one I’m in.

1 – Good doctors: We were at the hospital late last night with my SIL.  She has many problems that have not been properly diagnosed.  A different hospital sent her on into St. Louis to really good one.  I pray she will get the answers she needs to have better quality of life!

2 – The Credit Union.  We got a call on Tuesday from our Credit Union stating that our credit card has been used fraudulently!  I am so thankful that they know us well enough to know that this was NOT us.

3 – Texting – It makes it easier to keep in touch with my kids and family when we are unable to actually make a phone call.

4 – Good teachers – Our son is doing very well in Algebra 2 because he has the best teacher in our district this year.  Both my girls had her and just can’t say enough about how well she does at explaining things.

5 – The Word – Committing parts of it to memory or just reading it over and over has been the best thing I have ever done.  It comes to you just when you need it.  At a loved ones sick bed, during a crisis, when you need encouragement, or want to encourage!

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. A good doctor is a treasure. Hope your SIL gets the answers she needs. Good catch on the credit union’s part. I love texting, too. Glad your son got a good algebra teacher! I liked my Algebra 1 teacher but my Algebra 2 one was awful. Memorizing Bible verses is something I don’t do like I should, to my shame. Verses I memorized in high school still come back to me all these years later.


  2. So glad your SIL is going to get some answers and that she has found a good doctor. Great about your son’s Algebra teacher and grades. I was awful at Algebra in school! Have a great weekend.


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