Week In Review – #12


  • Workout/Health:  I have been in a rut where my workout is concerned.  I’ve not seen any results lately so I decided to really kick it up.  {{UGH}} I have been so sore since Monday morning it actually hurts to breath! 🙂  THAT is SO AWESOME!  I’ve been told in order to burn more fat I need to build more muscle.  So, here goes! 🙂  I’ve cut way back on calorie intake but increased my proteins to build and repair those muscles that I am tearing down.
  • Around the farm:  Hubby bush hogged our place and it looks so much better.  He is still working on hay at other farms in the area and wishing he had not committed.  It’s very stressful trying to work a full time job and get a hay field cut and baled without it getting wet.  He should finish up this weekend though.
  • Weather:  Monday was a very nice day, pleasant with low humidity.  Then with the middle of the week higher temps and humidity returned.  I love the warm weather, it’s the humidity that I can do without.  I feel like I live in MS instead of MO.
  • Kiddos: Our son continues to do well.  He is highly motivated by having Cross Country… and keeping it! LOL!  DD2 is doing well and looking forward to fall break here real soon.  After fall break she goes into anatomy 2 for five days a week.  DD1 has not mentioned anything wedding related again.  She works constantly and is stepmother to two little boys. (she’s good at it too)
  • Extras:  SIL is still in the hospital having tests run.  Please keep her in your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Week In Review – #12

  1. I like your header here! I can only imagine what a challenge it is to work full time outside the home and maintain a farm! I hope we hear some good news about your SIL soon. Have a great weekend.


  2. Good job on the workouts. I’ve fallen off due to some stomach issues this week – hope to get back to it soon. Great news about your kids, especially your son! Just prayed for your SIL.


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