Sunday Salon – Fall


Time: 7:25

Scene:  The sun is shining!  The air is still.  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in the Ozarks.

Today’s plan: Grandma turned 91 this week and we are having a little celebration with cake and ice cream.  Of course there is a few loads of laundry to finish up.  I think I will skip the workout today.  I’m sooo sore.  Hubby is baling the last of the hay today.  So thankful that is done.

Drinking: Coffee with my first Pumpkin Spice creamer of the year

Listening to: Just the fan and I hear an airplane.  It’s quiet here this morning.  Hubby will sleep in a bit to give the dew time to dry off the hay.

Reading: 1001 Arabian Nights (Kindle), Of Mice and Men (book), and The Lotus Eater (Audio)

Pondering: Went and visited SIL in the hospital yesterday…Still not really sure what is going on with her.  She had a stress test yesterday morning.  They found some nodules on her lungs.  Her heart enzymes are still high.  Her breathing is still really labored.  Keeping her in our prayers every day!


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