Seasons of change…

As the title of my blog says it’s inevitable that change will come.  Last week we had some major change here at our home and it is taking me some time to process and work through.  Change is very difficult for me.  Harder really than I thought it would be.

Our middle daughter moved out.  It wasn’t a “good” move as it could have been if she would have talked to us and let us help her.  But apparently both our girls don’t really want or need our help right now.  They are “hell bent” on making it on their own no matter what.  I guess I should admire that but the way that they lashed out at us and made us feel like the worst parents on the planet has left me feeling very insecure with myself as a person and lack the confidence to blog, keep our home, be a mother to our son, or lead in general.

We have not heard from either girl in a week.  The middle daughter had her phone number changed and we do not have it.  The only thing we do know for sure is where she is currently sleeping and working.  I think that is probably the hardest part; not knowing.  Is she keeping up with her studies; is she going to finish school?

So for now, I will try to blog when I can.  I will try to visit you often.  I am staying really busy around the house so that I don’t think too much about them.  That’s the way I have always been when there is stress of this nature.  Clean…clean…clean! 🙂

Please keep us in your prayers.  I know that it will work out if we just let them go to do their thing.  It’s hard enough having one prodigal child but two is heart breaking to say the least.  We are focusing on helping our son be successful in his military aspirations.  We plan on taking him to Mexico at Christmas time.  Not only to show him that he matters but to let the girls have time to find out what it is like to not have family at a very special time of year.  I know that may sound mean but we aren’t going to just be here to buy them gifts for the holidays and then be thrown to the wayside again.

Thank you all for listening to my rant and I hope you will stick around during my sporadic posting!!
God Bless!


8 thoughts on “Seasons of change…

  1. {{{{Monica}}}} keeping you in prayer…I am so sorry….unfort. I was that head strong child and my folks kicked me out when I was 18-19 (I know, different than what has happened to y’all)—I am so sorry….sending you tons of love and hugs.


  2. ((((Monica and family))) Just let me say, you are not alone in your struggles. 5 years ago our youngest moved out of the house suddenly, about 3 months before graduation. She left to go live with her boyfriend, which she knew we would never approve. So she didn’t tell us, just did it.

    All I can say is that with time, things do get better. Hang in there, get as close to Jesus as you can, and He will comfort you. This is an area I always pray Romans 8:28. Somehow, some way, in time He will bring good out of it.

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  3. Monica, I’m so sorry. We have one who, though we’re still on good terms, is far from where he needs to be spiritually. Once they become adults there’s really nothing we can do to “make” them do and be what they ought. We can only entrust them to God. It has always encouraged me when I think that He loves our kids and wants their best even infinitely more than I do. I’ve prayed that He will pursue them and send people across their path that He can use to draw them to Himself. I’ve also rested a lot on Phil. 1:7: ” Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ,” and prayed that He would continue the good work He began in their lives when they were younger. Praying the same for yours as well.

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  4. Monica, you and your family are in my prayers. Sometimes young people just need to see just how scary that big bad world can be without help. Update us as you can.

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  5. Oh that’s hard. Mine are still at home, but I can easily see the possibility of one in particular heading down that route. Everyone is responsible for his/her own decisions – that doesn’t make you a bad mom! But it still hurts. Hang in there, and keep praying. God’s not done with them yet :o)


  6. Stay strong and let them go their way……….been there, done that. I too worried, worried, and cleaned, cleaned. Whatever helps to get you thru these trying times. Am hoping in the long run, all works out but I do have to say that sometimes it takes a long time.


  7. Dear Monica,

    My heart aches for you and your family at this time. You know our story and while it is on a different note I can truly say that I understand how your heart aches as a mom. Oh my…can I ever relate! That lack of confidence …you truly have my prayers and I will bring your girls to God’s throne often. Hugs to you, dear one.


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