Sunday Salon – Calm


Time: 9:35

Slept in a little this morning and then made breakfast. Lazy kinda morning. 🙂

Scene:  It’s not any quieter than usual.  Just feels like it’s really quiet this morning. It’s a cool crispy 45 degrees this morning!  Have I said how much I love this time of year?

Today’s plan: Workout at the gym! And pick up a few grocery items that I need for the week.  Working on redoing the now vacant bedroom downstairs.  I bought an antique set for it this past week and am looking for pieces to accent with.  Would like to go to a few antique stores and look for decorative items. Or, read my new book and cozy up on the couch to watch a football game!

Drinking: coffee with pumpkin spice creamer

Listening to: Fox News.  The debate tonight is in St. Louis (close to me).

Reading: 1001 Arabian Nights (Kindle) and The Lotus Eater (Audio). My review book arrived yesterday!  The Cottage by Michael Phillips.  It’s pretty good out the gate. 🙂

Pondering: How strange life feels.  I had often dreamed of it being just hubby and I.  Now that we are getting closer it feels weird.  I know I will adjust.  I have just always been one to resist change. {{sigh}}

5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Calm

  1. Though we’re not entirely empty nesters yet, with my youngest still home, we often have some of those “just the two of us” moments, and it does feel weird. Nice, often, but weird all the same. I just missed a big antique festival in a nearby town and am kicking myself – a place with a lot of antique shops on one street, and one weekend in the fall they all go together to have sales, street vendors, live music, etc.


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