Friday Foto Friends #7

FFF camera-2

Joining Deb to share…

 We had the cows up this week for a man to come and look at buying the entire herd.  This may be the last photo of our cows that I have… another “curve” in the road of our life.imag0010

10 thoughts on “Friday Foto Friends #7

  1. If you must sell the vows, then I hope you at least get a good price. Our kiddos have a mini farm with goats and chickens and a couple of rabbits. They want to eventually get a couple of cows, too. Thanks so much for linking up today. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  2. I was born on a farm in PA. My dad raised black angus cows. We had to sell the farm when I was five and move to Florida because farming was not supporting our family. This was in 1956. It was a major curve in our road, but God blessed our family and the future became much brighter for us once that move was made. We always missed the farm, however. My heart goes out to you. May there be only brighter days ahead for you.

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  3. Life will be so different without the cows to tend to! That would be great, though, if one person could buy them all and then you’d not have to deal with multiple sales and arrangements.


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