Sunday Salon – Fall Festival


Time: 5:45

Scene:  The sun is sinking very quickly into the western sky.  This has been a most beautiful day and I have gotten to get out and enjoy a bit of it.

Today’s plan: I got a nap after getting up early to put grandma on the machine to take her vitals. Hubby let me sleep a couple hours while he hung out inside.  That was hard for him since he has so much going on here at the homestead as of late but he knew I needed some zzzz’s.  After lunch we ran up town to the fall festival, took a ride on the trollies to learn a little more about our towns history, walked through the craft booths and came right back home.  Wonderful weather here!  Then a quick workout while our son sat with grandma.  I picked up a few groceries for the week and dinner is almost done in the crockpot.

Drinking: nothing at the moment.

Listening to: the whirl of a fan.  It’s pretty warm as we have already shut the air off for the year.

Reading: 1001 Arabian Nights (Kindle), The Cottage by Michael Phillips, and Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks.

Pondering:  Grandma’s plan for the next week and questions I need to remember to ask the doctor on Friday.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

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