Yarn Along – I can see the end!

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

WELL… almost complete!  I’ve been saying that for weeks now.  My knitting though has taken a back seat to all that I have to do lately.  I only manage about 15 to 20 minutes in the mornings before I go into work.  And that is only if I get out of the house in time to have those few precious minutes.  I am about half way through the last color on my scarf.


When I finish I will pick up this blue light weight scarf and try to get it finished.  It’s mindless knitting and should be no problem since my brain is so preoccupied. 🙂

My reading has been reduced to audio books while I drive, clean or do laundry.  I have a review book, The Cottage by Michael Phillips, that I really must get done.  I will be working on this one while on my lunch breaks at work.  Although lunch breaks are quick because it is budget time for next year.

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along – I can see the end!

  1. Pretty scarves! That’s why when I crochet, it’s single or double crochet stitches only because I can just do it and not have to think about it. Have a blessed day.


  2. Sorry you’re in such a hard place with your girls. I wish I could have more influence with one of my boys in particular – I think he’s likely to have to learn things the hard way. Things keep changing; keep leaning on Jesus.



  3. Yay for projects that you can see the end to! You are such a good redeemer of your time, Monica, the way you get so many things accomplished! You are an inspiration.


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