Week In Review – #15

week-in-reviewThe days of this week have been pretty much the same everyday.  Not one workout other than Sunday.  Can’t really say yet when I will be able to return to that routine.  Each night I am home cooking for Grandma and our son.  Then I do a load of laundry, not saving it all for the weekend.  This is freeing me up to do other things today! 🙂

The weather has turned cooler.  The leaves are at their peak I do believe.  Soon the trees will be bare.  There has been a couple days of down pouring rains.  I don’t sit and worry about the cows, calves, and chickens anymore that’s for sure.  I hated it when the weather turned bad and they stood out in the cold rains or snow.

Grandma is doing really good.  She is trying so hard to prove that she can be careful.  Every morning I put her on the scale and blood pressure machine that send the information to the nurse in St. Louis.  The blood pressure is staying good without high blood pressure meds.  It seems so strange to me since the Wednesday before she fell we were just at the Cardiologist and everything was good.  She is using the walker without whining and giving me fits about it.  I’ve had someone come in and stay with her for about four hours each day.  They help her get lunch and just keep her company for a bit.  This keeps her from wanting to talk my ear off when I come in from work too.  Don’t know how long we will continue this but I am really liking it.  The nurse and physical therapist came this week along with a lady who gave her a midweek bath.  Then I give her one on Saturdays. (can you see what is the biggest part of my week?  this paragraph is extra long)

It seems pretty strange here without animals.  Even our German Shepherd, Jada, has been wondering the fields looking for the cows; nose in the air…  She takes the same steps every night that our son would take to go take care of the chickens.  Around the pen to make sure all is well.  She misses them all too.

The Senior pictures came back this week.  The cows were in some of them and it really made us miss them more. 🙂  I don’t normally show our kids faces due to the adoption but I will because I am sure the biological mother is not here… I can’t share until I get the disk in the mail.  The website won’t allow me to save a picture or download it.

That’s really all that’s been going on around here.  Hope your week was a smooth and colorful week! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Week In Review – #15

  1. We’re having a nice cool spell, too – 40s overnight, 55 just now. Sounds like things are going well with your grandma. I can understand involvement with her taking the biggest part of your day. 🙂 Glad you have some help coming in to alleviate that a bit.


  2. You’ve got a good routine going with your grandma. I’ve found that routines work best for Mom too. It must be an adjustment to not have the cows there. I’m glad the senior picture turned out well. Have a restful Sunday!


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