Sunday Salon – Home Health


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Time: 7:23

Scene:  The sun is shining through the tree tops.  It’s a cool morning but is supposed to warm up to be a beautiful day.

Today’s plan: Since my chores were all completed yesterday! 🙂  We are going to get on the bike for a couples hours and get out.  Grandma will be ok for a little bit.  I’ll fix Salmon steaks with rice pilaf and broccoli for dinner.

Drinking: That first glorious cup of coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer.  It’s almost time to change to Peppermint Mocha! 😀

Listening to: The silence.  Once Grandma gets up I’ll be getting her breakfast and vitals.

Reading: 1001 Arabian Nights (Kindle), The Cottage by Michael Phillips, and War and Peace.

Pondering: Home Health has allowed us to get away for a night.  After a week of work and taking care of grandma I really needed a nice dinner out and some one on one time with my wonderfully patient husband.  I am so glad that Medicare helps to pay for the nurse and lady who comes to bathe grandma once a week.  Those who have come to sit with her, two I pay and one is my dad.  But one also cleans two of my three bathrooms because grandma can’t clean hers and our son isn’t the greatest at it.  Anyway, I wonder if there is a home health worker appreciation day??? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Home Health

  1. Good morning, Monica. I added my link but I don’t see it so I hope I did it right. I agree with your comment about home health. I worked in that department for a few years and it was very satisfying work for me. I’ve also had them a couple times for Mom and it has been wonderful. Have a good day.


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