Yarn Along – Choices

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting.

I have finished my scarf.  It’s the only reason that I will welcome winter.  I’m excited to wear my scarf. 🙂  Now, if I could only get done with this little blue piece.  I was making it for Grandma.  It’s not a heavy shawl but one that I think she will like.

I’ve been looking over my pattern books trying to find a pattern for this wonderful bulky yarn that I have.  I think I have settled on one in my Prayer Shawl book.  It’s not too difficult but it is somewhat more challenging than I have tried before.


My reading has been slow but is picking up a little bit.  I really need to get this review book completed.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Choices

  1. I love blue of that shawl. It should be beautiful. I’ll be starting a baby blanket for my very first great grand child right after Christmas. I want to try something more challenging than straight single or double crochet. I’m interested to read the review of your book.


  2. I so understand our position regarding winter. I share it. But, we do have lovely knits to wear during this dark season, at least. 😉


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