Week In Review – #16


Another week has come and gone.  It’s been an emotionally hard week but I know things will work out given time.

Grandma:: is making great progress.  Her blood pressure is staying steady off the high blood pressure meds and she is working with the Physical Therapist to increase her strength and balance.  I am letting her do more and more on her own and she is beginning to have a good attitude again.

Son:: He is working hard to get a good grade this next quarter in Algebra 2.  He didn’t do so good the first quarter but he know how important the semester grade is to the recruiter. Given his ADHD history he needs to show that he can do well without his medication.  He is doing outstanding in cross country.  We are very proud of him.

Hubby:: Continues his workouts almost every night.  I know how much he needs them to keep his mind in good health.  That’s the way he let’s off steam. 😉  He’s had a rough week with our daughters.

Myself:: I did get out Sunday and Tuesday evening to workout.  Had meals ready for Grandma and our son.  Since he has no other chores, he cleans up dinner.  The other days I have been keeping up with laundry and basic house chores.  This frees me up a great deal to to enjoy the weekend.

Around the place:: Can’t really call it a homestead anymore if we aren’t working it, right?  Well, we are still selling off a lot of hay equipment and things that need to be used or they will “rot”.   Today I am using the leaf blower to get those leaves off the grass.  Then I will cut the grass.  I really need to get the old garden beds cleaned up.

Weather:: This has truly been a fall-ish week.  The temps have hovered for the most part from 68-74 degrees.  Today is warmer, 80 degrees.  The evenings range from 40-50.  It’s just the type of weather that I enjoy.

I hope you all have seen the post this week about the upcoming Giving Thanks Challenge.  If you have any questions just contact me through the Contact Page.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions.  I’ve changed from inlinked to Linky tools for my link ups due to the compatibility with WP.  Hope to see you on Sunday Salon and Giving Thanks Challenge 2016!

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