Day 1 Giving Thanks

I have beengivingthanks thinking hard which thing I want to share first that I am thankful for.  It was a rough October and there are so many things that came to my mind.  Because of if this first thing I am going to mention had went very badly my life would be in a tail spin.

Grandma feel on the October 10th.  They thought she had a floating fracture in the neck so they sent her by ambulance into Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.  There were many tests run and by 2:00 am on the 11th it was determined that it was an old fracture that had calcified.   All day long on the 11th they ran tests to see if they could determine why she fell.  Long story short, her blood pressure must have bottomed out and she fainted.  Here’s where I am thankful…

There was nothing broken and she is regaining her strength and almost back to normal.  NO high blood pressure medication is needed any more.  If she would have broken her neck or even her hip she would have had to stay in a nursing home for many months to recover as I cannot give that specialized care she would have needed.  God is so good!

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7 thoughts on “Day 1 Giving Thanks

  1. how scary for your gram. I am glad that nothing is broken! My father in law passes out a lot and there is an elderly man at church who does that too. Nothing wrong with either of them but it’s scary.


  2. It’s a scary moment when something like that happens. You have done so well with your grandma though. She is blessed to have you. Have a good day.


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