Day 3 Giving Thanks


In a country with so much unemployment I am thankful today for my job.  There may be days that I am totally frustrated by it but I feel it is perfect for me.  My new boss (as of last December) is a Godly man, he works with my schedule, cares about my family even though he has never met them, and depends on me a great deal.  I really like that last part too.  It’s important to me to feel needed in most areas of my life.   If I must work, and I do, then I am happy that this is where God has placed me.

Work is in our DNA.  We were made to work.  These bodies that God gave us don’t do well if we are inactive for long periods of time.  Maybe “work” is not a good word but, move and be productive we must.  Which will lead me tomorrow’s post…

What’s on your list today?

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3 thoughts on “Day 3 Giving Thanks

  1. I was thinking about this yesterday while sitting in my advisors office discussing what my last class ought to be for next semester (and filing a grievance for course sub. for math–because of my learning disability)…and he goes, “Hey, Linda, you do know that when you go down to Mansfield, it will only take a you year and then you will be on to gainful employment, my friend.” WOW—gainful employment…so looking forward to entering the workforce.

    Have a beautiful day friend.


  2. I was always thankful for my job when I was working. In all honesty, I didn’t really enjoy my profession towards the end but I was thankful that I had a job that supported me. At times I itch a bit to get back into the work force that but passes pretty quickly! 🙂


  3. It’s a blessing to have a job that you enjoy and fits your gifts, personalty, and schedule. God ordained work back in the garden of Eden, before the fall, so it’s a good thing! I agree, we’re made to be productive, whether our work is compensated or not.


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